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Using the website

Using the library website, you can visit the library at any time of the day or night. You will find useful tips and the latest news, keeping you up to date on what is happening at the different libraries in Örebro. The City Library has a wide choice of books for children and adults in other languages. Using the website, you can create your own account, complete with a personal library card number and a PIN. You can then see what you have borrowed and when the different items are due to be returned. You can also renew a loan or reserve an item from another library in Örebro.
The International Library in Stockholm also has a website where you can read the library news and find information about the extensive range of books available in different languages.

Using the library

Obtaining a library card

A library card is issued free of charge. Simply bring along ID and we can help you.

Computers and wi-fi

If you have a library card that has been issued by one of the libraries in Örebro, you are free to use the library’s computers and wireless Internet. You can also print out and copy documents on payment of a charge.

Borrowing rules

If you return items you have borrowed after the due date, there will be a charge. A charge is also payable if you lose an item.
You can arrange to receive a reminder by email or text message a few days before an item is due to be returned. However, you are still responsible for remembering when the items you have borrowed need to be returned, regardless of whether you have received a reminder or not. If you have forgotten the date on which you need to return an item, you can simply call the library or send an email.

Reserve books

You can reserve books from different libraries in Örebro and collect them from a library of your choice. You can do this either by creating an account on our website, by calling the library, or by sending an email. You will receive a message telling you when the book is available for collection. You then have a week to collect it.